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The Company is an amateur theatre group with members across Sheffield and South Yorkshire. We have been established for over a decade and have developed a reputation for high quality theatre worthy of the professional stage. We perform three plays a year at The University of Sheffield’s Drama Studio, a renowned intimate theatre venue. Our members are encouraged to give creative input at all stages of production including script writing, set design, stage management, directing and acting.

Cyrano And Roxanne by Alison Munro based on the play by Edmond Rostand

7:30pm Wednesday 10th July in the open air at Dore Festival

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A merry swashbuckling adventure of love and derring-do. Cyrano loves Roxanne but is afraid to tell her, Roxanne is swept away by Christian’s beauty. Christian is enamoured of Roxanne’s grace. But Roxanne is pursued by the evil Duc de Guiche. Who will be happy, who will be assaulted by a croissant? Find out in the company’s production of ‘Cyrano and Roxanne’!

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Coming Sping 2020 Murder on the Nile by Agatha Christie

(Dates TBC, subject to successful licence application)

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