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The Company is an amateur theatre group with members across Sheffield and South Yorkshire. We have been established for over a decade and have developed a reputation for high quality theatre worthy of the professional stage. We perform three plays a year at The University of Sheffield’s Drama Studio, a renowned intimate theatre venue. Our members are encouraged to give creative input at all stages of production including script writing, set design, stage management, directing and acting.

Death in High Heels by Richard Harris, Christianna Brand

On stage 17:30pm, 13th — 16th February 2019 at the the Drama Studio

Auditions Tuesday, October 23 8 PM – 10 PM and Sunday, October 28 10 AM – Noon at the Drama Studio

Text saying Death in High Heels

It’s a big day at Christope et Cie, a small couture house off Regent Street. Mr Bevan will announce which of his staff he is sending to France to be the general manager of a new branch in Deauville. Will it be the talented and elegant Miss Doon or the loyal and long-serving Miss Gregory? Perhaps senior sales-woman Irene or showroom manager Dorian will get the job. Events take a dramatic turn over lunch when Miss Doon collapses and dies.

Inspector Charlesworth and Sergeant Wyler are sent to investigate a murder behind the gossip and glamour of a 1930’s fashion house. Secrets and lies are rife as more than one person harboured resentment towards Miss Doon…

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