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Sunset over the Sea


By Anton Chekhov

Directed & adapted by Ed Bancroft


19 June - 22 June 2024 at Drama Studio (S10 2TD)

This is a tale of love and loneliness.

Irena Arkadina pays summer visits to her brother and son at a country estate. She is an aging actress fighting against the changing of the times. On one occasion, she brings her lover Boris Trigorin. He is a successful novelist longing for a sense of achievement. He meets an innocent young woman on a neighbouring estate, Nina Sutcliffe. She is desperate for fame and a way out of her current life. She falls in love with Boris, but is in a relationship with Arkadina's son, Constantine Trepleff. He is an aspiring playwright and pines after Nina, the woman of his dreams.


This famed Chekhov comedy is, in true Russian fashion, as tragic as it is absurd.

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