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By Anton Chekhov
Directed & adapted by Ed Bancroft

19 June - 22 June 2024 at Drama Studio (S10 2TD)



10 March 2024 from 4pm at Heist Brew Co (S3 8AT)

12 March 2024 from 7:30pm at Heist Brew Co (S3 8AT)


17 March 2024 from 4:30pm at Denys Edward Players Studio (Cockayne Place, off Norton Lees Rd, S8 9DF)

Both auditions and callbacks will be held in wheelchair accessible spaces. If you have any accessibility needs, please get in touch via the Contact Form on our homepage, email us at or send us a direct message on any of our social media platforms.

Sunset over the Sea

Set in Russia in the early 1900s, an aging actress named Irina Arkadina pays summer visits to her brother Peter Sorin and her son Constantine at a country estate. On one occasion, she brings her lover Boris Trigorin, a successful novelist. Nina, a free and innocent girl on a neighbouring estate, who is in a relationship with Constantine, falls in love with Boris.

Named roles are as follows:


Irena “ARKADINA” / an actress, famous for West End success in light-hearted comedies with some dramatic roles, but she's getting older now and parts aren’t offered her as much. She has not translated her work to TV or film and is fearful of not getting parts. She is at least 19 years older than Constantine. [Age range 45 to 55]

CONSTANTINE Trepleff / Arkadina's son, pushed into the side-lines because of his mother’s success. His father, an actor, died many years ago. Went to Oxford to study, but only lasted a term. He wants desperately to be a writer. He has been in love with Nina since childhood and has conflicted feelings for his mother. [Age range early to mid-20s]

PETER SORIN / Arkadina’s brother, an older man who is retired now, but has been a senior member of the council as an alderman. He inherited the farm from their father and has no understanding of how it works. He is very fond of Constantine. He feels he has missed out on life. [Generally older than Arkadina - age range 50 - 65]

NINA Sutcliffe / a young girl, the daughter of a rich landowner. She has been friends with Constantine since their childhood, seems to accept Constantine as her boyfriend, but is ambivalent. She wasn’t allowed to go to university and has stayed at home. She has dreams of fame and a career in acting. She idolises Arkadina. [Age range 20 to 24]

Iain SHARMER / the manager of Sorin's estate. He inherited the position from his father and hasn’t been effective as a manager. He is blown up by the power he holds. His relationship with his wife is rocky. He is distant from his daughter, Masha. [Age range 45 to 60]

PAULINA / Sharmer’s wife. She married him when she believed he was going to be a successful manager who would become rich through his investment. He didn’t achieve anything from her point of view. She has had at least one affair and had a liaison with doctor Dorn around the time of Masha’s birth. [Age range - younger than Sharmer - 35 to 45]

MASHA Sharmer / Iain and Paulina's daughter. She is very unhappy at her prospects out in the country, has little education, but drinks heavily. She is besotted by Constantine and would happily follow him anywhere. She has an ‘understanding’ with Simon as he seems to have some prospects. Dorn has become a sort of father figure. [Age range - similar to Nina - 20 to 24]

BORIS TRIGORIN / an author. Quite popular writer of stories and novels. Believes he is making a name as a writer of consequence, but his work is not particularly well received by intellectuals. He has used Arkadina’s fame to help him become more recognised and has a difficult relationship with her, he is a bit of a serial adulterer. [Age range 35 to 45]

Eugene DORN / a doctor. He is close to retirement and has had an eventful life never married, but has many affairs around the locality and has travelled a lot in his youth. He tries not to believe Masha might be his daughter, but has a fondness for her even so. He loves Arkadina, but has never managed to get her to notice him. [Age range 45 to 60]

SIMON Mason / a schoolmaster. A generally ‘good’ man. He works in a tiny village school, lives with his mother and the rest of his family in the village. He has loved Masha for years, she knows this, but she finds him boring and dull. She has made a sort of ‘understanding with him, but he doesn’t see her love for Constantine. [Age range late 20s to early 40s]

JACOB, a workman





The casting process aims to be gender blind and inclusive.

All who are over the age of 18 are welcome to audition, whether you've worked with us before or are a newcomer. No prior preparation is necessary and the auditions will be workshop style and include some movement work, please come dressed comfortably. You only need to attend one audition, but please try to keep yourself free for callbacks, if possible.


Callbacks are an opportunity for our director to have another look at certain characters and test stage chemistry between actors suitable for those roles. Being called back does not guarantee a part. Equally, if you are not called back, it doesn't mean you're out of the running for getting cast. Everyone who attends auditions will have an opportunity to get cast.

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