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Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov


About the show

A year after the death of their father, an army officer, three Moscow-bred sisters Olga, Masha and Irina, are finding life drab and increasingly hopeless in a backwater provincial town. Only the proximity of a nearby army base and the company of its officers make their existence bearable. This classic story of what they make of their circumstances is a powerful and moving study of ordinary lives.


Andrey ProsorovOwen York
NatashaCiara Kelly
his fiancée, later his wife
OlgaJohannah Cook
MashaEmma Wass
IrinaEmma Fisher
KuliginNeil Sullivan
Grammar School teacher, married to Masha
VershininJohn Ansari
lieutenant colonel in charge of a battery
TuzenbachCraig Walton
baron, captain in the army
SolyeniJaimie Watts
ChebutykinKen Rowe
army doctor
FedotikMarshall Smith
FerapontAlex Moore
clerk at local council offices
FirsAlan Wade
an aged manservant
EnsembleBrenae Maxwell, Nigel Harper, Daniel Wild
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