The Company

Professional quality amateur dramatics in Sheffield.

The Man in the Iron Mask by Alison Munro

based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas

About the show

“The Company” swashbucklers are back on stage with a face paced comedy romp written and directed by Alison Munro.

While the sun is shining for Louis XIV for some of his most senior advisers his actions are beginning to take the biscuit.

Will D'Artagnan, Captain of the King's Musketeers, drag his friends away from their duties (and whatever that is that Porthos is eating) save the day? (You may actually be surprised at the answer).


King LouisNeil Sullivan
PhilippeMarc Vestey
Dowager Queen AnneMonica Gallo
Queen MariaBeth Guiver
ColbertTony Kennick
AramisBen Bater
AthosJohn Lowry
D’ArtagnanJaimie Watts
PorthosDavid Napier
ReynardJohn Ansari
PlanchetMike Dempsey
Madame PlanchetSuzie James
ConstanceAlice Schofield
Louise de la ValliereLucy Lloyd
Lebrun Phil Mason
Jean le FlunkyDan Wild
M. Percerin Alan Wade
Mme MortotJamie James
Maid 1 BeatriceClaire Hill
Maid 2 GeneveJen Peake
Maid 3 ArletteSabrina Senior
YvesPhil Lloyd
JulesAlex Moore
JimNigel Harper
LucSarah Keegan
EdmondShannon Stockley
Toulouse Inga
HenriEd Daniels
A photo from our archive
A photo from our archive