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The Lion In Winter by James Goldman


About the show

The Lion in Winter is a powerful witty drama based on the end of the impressive reign of Henry II of England. Henry has built a vast empire and wants an heir to succeed him and the land he has aquired to remain intact. His three sons: the war-hungry Richard (the Lionheart); the devious Geoffrey; and the half-witted John, are battling against each other for his crown.

Henry has released his estranged wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine, from imprisonment for the Christmas celebrations. Their stormy marriage fell aprt years before due to their mutual infidelities and shared desire for power and land. Henry had imprisoned Eleanor for plotting against him with Richard and Geoffrey after he had shown favour to his youngest son, John. Henry and Eleanor's passionate affection for each other is still apparent, but is tainted by distrust. The situaiton is further complicated by the presence of Henry's lover, Alais and her bother, King Phillip II of France. Phillip visits the family gathering at Chinon to enforce a treaty that Alais marry Richard in exchange for the county of Vexin.


Henry IIJohn Ansari
Eleanor of AquitaineAlison Munro
Prince RichardTony Kennick
Prince GeoffreyNeil Sullivan
Prince JohnOwen Williams
Princess AlaisLaura McDonnell
King Phillip II of FranceRob Joyce
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