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The Hound of the Baskervilles by Daniel J Wild

based on the book by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

About the show

Sherlock Holmes & Dr John Watson find themselves called upon to investigate the strange goings on in Dartmoor, can the world's greatest consulting detective and his faithful friend triumph against an escaped convict, belligerent coachmen, overenthusiastic phrenologists and the ever looming threat of the Hound of the Baskervilles?

Find out in this rip-roaring adventure mystery!


Sherlock HolmesBen Bater
Dr John WatsonPhilip 'Pip' Mason
Mary MorstanLucy Alice Lloyd
Dr MortimerWilliam Herbert
Sir Henry BaskervilleSam Guest
Inspector LestradeJohn Ansari
Jack StapletonPhil Lloyd
Beryl StapletonMonica Gallo
CartwrightShannon Stockley
Mr BarrymoreAlex Moore
Mrs BarrymoreAnn O'Connell
Mr FranklandKen Rowe
Laura LyonsLauren de Boer
Selden & John ClaytonDave Napier
VillagersThe Cast

The Director’s bit:

About 2 years ago I adapted and directed a short story into a play and nearly went insane doing it. Before we’d even finished dismantling the set I declared I was going to follow this up by adapting possibly the most famous adventure of one of the most famous figures in literature, maybe that ‘nearly’ is superfluous?

Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson have been described as ‘two men who never lived and so will never die’ and Hound of the Baskervilles is such an iconic tale that adapting and directing it was certainly a daunting process.

Especially when you take a few liberties with the plot to keep things interesting, but don’t worry all you Sherlockians, Holmsians and other fans of the great detective, we have kept faithful to the spirit of adventure this book gives, even if it is a little more peppered with geeky in-jokes than Sir A.C.D may have intended (see how many you can spot, you may be surprised)

My cast have wonderfully breathed life into these characters, giving a fresh take and making what I trust to be a very entertaining show, I thank them all for this, especially Ben & Phil, our Holmes & Watson who took on the leading roles with great energy and patience, especially Phil who I believe I own an apology for given how much time he is on stage, but he does it so well!

The same thanks must go to my wonderful crew who did a marvellous job, especially my Production manager Suzie who took care of things behind the scenes so I can focus on the fun stuff, and my Assistant Director Alice, who had the unenviable task of keeping me reasonably sane during the rehearsal period.

To me The Company is a second family, however I wish to end by dedicating this play to my Granddad, Jim Sexton, it was through him that I was introduced to this wonderful world where it is always 1895 and will always be thankful for that,

As such upon reading the script and telling me that he considered it as good as the original in his eyes, I had received possibly no finer praise from a finer gentleman, I hope you all enjoy the play as much as he has.

Daniel J Wild
A photo from our archive