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The Dunwich Horror by H. P. Lovecraft


About the show

The Company presents a new adaptation of H.P. Lovercraft's classic tale. In the isolated, desolate and decrepit village of Dunwich, Wilbur Whateley, a most unusual child, is born. Of unnatural parentage, he grows at an uncanny pace to an unsettling height, but the boy's arrival simply precedes that of a true horror, a cosmic terror from beyond the stars.


Professor Henry ArmitageJohn Ansari
Wilbur WhateleyPhil Lloyd
Curtis WhateleyPhil Mason
Sally SawyerErin Whyte
Professor Wendy RiceMonica Gallo
Dr Francis MorganNeil Sullivan
‘Wizard’ WhateleyKen Rowe
Lavinia WhateleyLucy Alice Jepson
Zechariah WhateleyAlex Moore
Earl SawyerNigel Harper
Luther BrownBenjamin Blake
Mamie BishopAlice Schofield
George CoreyJennifer Peake
Helen CoreyCanan Cahit
Elmer FryeMichael Dempsey
Selina FryeAbi Bower
Silas JonesJaimie Watts
Miss HowardRosalind Hulse
Miss PhillipsSamantha Atkin
‘McGinty’Jaimie Watts
Dr Houton“Walter Plinge”


DirectorDaniel J. Wild
Assistant DirectorEmma Portus
Production ManagerJohn Ansari
Stage ManagerSuzie James
Assistant Stage ManagerJaimie Watts
SoundTony Kennick
LightingAndy Staley
Lighting EngineerEmily Foster
Set DesignEmma Portus & Alison Munro
PropsJohn Ansari
WardrobeMargaret Hobson
HairBrian Chapman
Front of HouseSharon Faulkner
Box OfficeNeil Sullivan
Website DesignTony Kennick
PublicitySuzie James & Emma Portus
Printed MaterialAndy Staley & Emma Portus
Rehearsal PromptAlan Wade

The Director’s bit:

Take one part H.P. Lovecraft weird tale (preferably of the pulpier variety), one part Hammer Horror and one part ‘The Company’s’ usual blend of pop culture references & witty dialogue that define our adaptions.

Mix in an eclectic cast willing to throw themselves into their roles, strain through the gradually diminishing sanity of a first-time director and sprinkle with some innovative effects.

This should give you just the tongue-in-cheek tonic full of enough frightful fun to put you in the mood for the Halloween season.

The Dunwich Horror has been one of my favourite of HP Lovecraft’s tales since my university days so when a friend asked during the post-aftershow party breakfast “why aren’t there more horror plays?” a chain of events ultimately led to me adapting it for The Company to unleash upon our audiences.

Thankfully from the moment I produced the finished script I have had the full support of The Company behind me in the form of a supportive backstage crew who have excelled themselves with the various effects, and a wonderful cast who have gone above & beyond putting as much personality & life into a very ‘eclectic’ cast of characters (despite the various setbacks that have now become a Company tradition).

And of course a huge thank you to my Assistant Director Emma who has repeatedly prevented me from going through my own Lovecraftian descent into madness during the rehearsal period.

Finally there is a phrase of my fathers that through all the madness, confusion, setbacks, triumphs, tragedies and general bizarreness of directing have helped guide me on and kept me going through my most darkest hours I want to share…

“When you can spin a tale out of chaos, it all makes sense.”

Words to live by Dad, words to live by.

Daniel J Wild

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A photo from our archive