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William Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew

17th to 20th June at the University Drama Studio directed by Emma Farley. Doors open at 7pm for a prompt 7.30pm start.

CC Attribution 2.0 funkeemunkeeland

Play Synopsis:

William Shakespeare’s classic battle of the sexes is set during the final months of WWII when many of the armed forces are returning to England to settle down to their lives.
Baptista Minola, a wealthy shopkeeper, has two daughters; clever and headstrong Katharina and spoiled, pretty Bianca. Whilst Bianca has several suitors vying for her hand, Baptista insists that shrewish Kate is married before Bianca can also wed.
Two of these men, Hortensio and Lurkio, challenge Petruchio, an officer posted in the town for the duration of the war, to take Kate in hand.
Meanwhile young officer Lucentio, with the help of his friend Tranio, sneaks in to court Bianca secretly whilst his rivals are otherwise occupied.

Performances will be on Wednesday 17th to Saturday 20th June 2009, with an additional open air performance at the Dore Festival in early July (probably Wednesday 8th).

Character List

Baptista Minola
Parent of Katherina and Bianca
Katherina (Kate)
The "shrew" of the title- clever and headstrong, kind-hearted despite her shrewish exterior
Sister of Katherina; the ingénue, spoiled but good at acting meek
(Air Force Captain) Suitor and later husband of Katherina- cocky and self-assured
(Army Lieutenant) Suitor of Bianca (later disguised as the teacher Cambio)
Father of Lucentio- very rich merchant but stern
(Banker) Elderly Suitor of Bianca- her father’s but not Bianca’s first choice
(Rich gentleman/shopkeeper) Suitor of Bianca (later disguised as the teacher Litio)
Old man who later impersonates Vincentio because of Tranio's cunning words (and healthy bribe)
(Army Lieutenant) Lucentio’s friend (later impersonates Lucentio)
(Cpl) Friend of Lucentio and Tranio
(AF Lieutenant) Petruchio’s friend
(AF) Servant/subordinate of Petruchio
(AF) Servant/subordinate of Petruchio
Joseph & Philip
(AF) Servants/subordinates of Petruchio
A Haberdasher (Hat maker)
A Tailor
A Widow
Young and has her eye on Hortensio- eventually marries him
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