The Company

Murder on the Nile by Agatha Christie

Spring 2020, dates TBC, subject to successful licence application

stylised text saying Murder on the Nile over water

Amidst the heat and heavy scents of Egypt a wealthy heiress cruises down the Nile with her new husband. Little does she know that her Father had ruined almost all the other passenger’s fortunes. Duplicity, scheming, revenge and blackmail pierce the humidity resulting in cold bloodied murders. Join The Company as we take you on a glamorous, murderous trip down one of the greatest rivers in the World

Character list

CharacterPlaying AgeDescription
Miss FFoliot-FFoulkes50 – 70Harridan
Christina Grant20 to 30Miss FF’s niece, somewhat timid
Smith25 to 35An ardent socialist/communist, riddled with sarcasm
Louise20 – 30A maid, French accent
Dr Bessner40–80German(ish) accent
Kay Mostyn25 – 35 Wealthy, selfish, glamorous heiress
Simon Mostyn25 – 35Kay’s charming husband
Canon Pennefather50 – 80Kay’s Guardian and a religious zealot
Jaqueline De Severac25 – 35 Simon’s ex fiancé – fragile
Beadsellers x2anyAlso doubling up as Captain of the Boat and Police Official
Steward20 to 90