The Company

The Man of Mode by George Etherege

Cannon—Bunches of ribbon loops affixed at the knee, worn between 1660 and 1670.

25 - 28th June 2014 in the Drama Studio

"When love grows diseased, the best thing we can do is to put it to a violent death. I cannot endure the torture of a lingering and consumptive passion."

Most inappropriately, Dorimant is falling in love.
Dorimant, a wealthy man, sex-hungry socialite who's basic 'job' is to get as many of London's upper class women into his bed as he possibly can.
It's a time-consuming business, because it involves hatching complex plots to fend off one woman whilst trying to acquire the amorous affections of another.
Dorimant, encouraged by his wealthy, charmless chums, is conniving to dump his current love one Mrs Loveit in order to seduce her friend, Belinda.
But it's a tough life for an alpha male on the rampage there always seems to be one more woman to have sex with.
And it's not long before Dorimant's eyes fall on one Harriet Woodvill, though she proves to be something more of a challenge…


Craig Walton
David Napier
Old Bellair
Alex Moore
Young Bellair
Jaimie Watts
Sir Fopling
Steve Garner
Lady Townley
Katy Ryan
Lady Woodvill & Orange Lady
Alison Munro
Erin Whyte
Emma Portus
Lucy Jepson
Mrs Loveitt
Alice Schofield
Pert, Busy & Handy
Vicky Dawes
Shoemaker & Parson & various pages/chairmen/footmen etc
Alan Wade