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"Macbeth" by William Shakespeare

As a successful and decorated general, what sparks the transformation from being a loyal, trustworthy servant of the king into a usurper and regicide?
Is it simply justifiable as entirely due to an intervention by a trio of prophetic witches or can the encouragement of a cunning and ambitious wife take the blame?
Or is it just simply that time spent fighting another man's wars is time amplifying the beast within the man until he can only take the violent option?
A story of war, witchcraft and bloodshed, Macbeth also depicts the relationship between husbands and wives, and the risks they are prepared to take to achieve their desires.

Cast of Characters
Alex Jarvis Macduff's Son
Alex Moore Porter
Ben Bater Lennox
Ben Goudie Ross
Craig Walton Malcolm
Dan Wild Attendant
David Clark Angus
Emily Cecil Gentlewoman
Emma Kenny-Levick Lady Macbeth
Emma Portus Second Witch
Emma Wass Doctor
Ian Fallon Donalbain
Jasmine Warwick First Witch
John Ansari Banquo
John Lowrie Macbeth
Ken Rowe Duncan
Martin Nowacki Old Man
Micheal Dempsey First Murderer
Neil Sullivan Macduff
Rosie Closs Third Witch
Sophie Konradsen Second Murderer
Steven Garner Siward
Zack Acons Fleance
Zoe Speakman Lady Macduff

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