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Hobson's Choice by Harold Brighouse


About the show

Set in sooty Salford of the 1880s it is a humorous glance at love, ambition and pompous parent power. Henry Horatio Hobson is a wealthy widower with three daughters, two of whom he will gladly marry off. But he considers the eldest, Maggie, being over 30, is well past it, and that she should remain at home and care for him.

His hand-made boot and show shop is a great local success, attracting wealthy patrons, around whom he flutters like an oily butterfly.

But the shop's success is down to the skills of Willie Mossop, seemingly gormless, but brilliant when it comes down to making boots down in his dark cellar. All seems well for the overbearing Hobson who spends most his time boozing himself into oblivion in the nearby Moonrakers pub.

the determined Maggie has other plans - particularly regarding Willie. Recognising that he is the shop's most prized asset she proposes they marry and go into business together.

At that point, love does not come into it as she sets about giving the amazed Willie a total makeover.


Alice HobsonEmma Wass
Vicky HobsonHannah King
Maggie HobsonVicky Dawes
Albert ProsserNeil Sullivan
Henry HobsonAlan Wade
Mrs HepworthLizzy Bater
Tubby WadlowRobin Dallman
Willie MossopJohn Ansari
Jim HeelerAlex Moore
Ada FigginsEmma Farley
Freddie BeenstockTom Davis
Dr MacFarlaneMartin Nowacki
A photo from our archive
A photo from our archive