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Great Expectations

8th - 11th February 2006

The Company performed a new adaptation of Dickens' classic novel Great Expectations. It is a tale of ambition, loyalty, love and coming of age. 

The audience was invited to join the protagonist, Pip, on his journey from humble beginnings to life as a gentleman. This journey of great expectations begins shrouded in intrigue, as Pip inherits property from a mysterious benefactor.

Orphaned as a baby, Pip is raised by his tyrannical sister on the bleak Kent marshes. His only friend is Joe the blacksmith, his sister's husband, to whom he is to be apprenticed. He has no expectations of leaving this humble sphere of life until he is invited to the wealthy Miss Havisham's house and meets her adopted daughter, the beautiful Estella.


Pip and Estella

Rob Joyce and Charlie Hanson star as Pip and Estella


Pip falls in love with Estella, but she, having being raised by Miss Havisham to reap revenge on the male sex, spurns his advances and mocks his common ways. Pip's quest to become a gentleman is driven by his infatuation with Estella and the hope that he will one day be worthy of loving her.

Great Expectations is a compelling, character drive novel and transfers naturally to the stage. The adaptation was written and directed by Company member Neil Sullivan. The Company members have relished the opportunity to bring Dickens' striking and distinctive characters to life on stage.


Interview with Neil about the adaptation

The setting of Great Expectations

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