The Company

Professional quality amateur dramatics in Sheffield.

Emma by Jane Austen


About the show

The Company" brings another classic tale to life, adapted and directed by Alan Wade Jane Austen declared that Emma Woodhouse was perhaps her most disagreeable heroine, interfering with the lives of others. The novel and this play chart her plotting and intrigues and the effect they have on those around her. As always Austen's wit and grasp of human nature are exemplary.


Emma WoodhouseAlice Schofield
Mr KnightleyJohn Ansari
Mr WoodhouseMartin Nowacki
Harriet SmithAlex Jones
Mr WestonKen Rowe
Mrs WestonEmma Portus
Miss BatesAlison Munro
Mrs BatesMichael Dempsey
Frank ChurchillPhil Lloyd
Jane FairfaxErin Whyte
Mr EltonWill Herbert
Mrs EltonLauren de Boer
Mr John KnightleyDaniel J Wild
Mrs Isabella KnightleySabrina Celia Senior
Mr ColeAlex Moore
Mrs ColeShannon Stockley
Mrs GoddardSarah Keegan
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