The Company

Cyrano And Roxanne by Alison Munro based on the play by Edmond Rostand

7:30pm Wednesday 10th July in the open air at Dore Festival

stylised text saying Cyrano and Roxanne and some roses

A merry swashbuckling adventure of love and derring-do. Cyrano loves Roxanne but is afraid to tell her, Roxanne is swept away by Christian’s beauty. Christian is enamoured of Roxanne’s grace. But Roxanne is pursued by the evil Duc de Guiche. Who will be happy, who will be assaulted by a croissant? Find out in the company’s production of ‘Cyrano and Roxanne’!

Character list

Cyrano — big nose, late twenties hiding hurt under bravado and wit
Marc Vestey
Roxanne — rich, powerful, mid twenties, confident, romantic
Erin Whyte
Christian — early twenties, pretty, dashing, public school tongue-tied by women
Ryan Pugh
Madame Ragenout — worldly wise, kind, brave, full of common sense
Emma Portus
Liginiere — trans in a world that doesn’t understand and nursing a great wrong, dynamic and mercurial
Lucy Jepson
Duc de Guiche — smooth villain in the mould of Shere Khan
John Ansari
Valvert — a weasel, but a well bred weasel
Michael Dempsey
Sister Theresa — sensible, kind, competent nun companion to Roxanne
Sue Jamison-Powell
Le Bret — the most sensible of the cadets, which is saying very little as the cadets make the musketeers seem rational and cautious
Ken Rowe
Jodelet — Cadet
Alistair Low
Fleury — Cadet
Anirban Raha
Rouier — Cadet
Stephen Bullivant
St. Juste — Cadet
Cal Reid
Albert — Cadet
Alex Moore
Beatrice — Ragenout’s apprentice
Kate Spivey
Brother Mark — usefully illiterate novice monk.
Max Brooks
Thugs, Henchpersons and Soldiers For Big Battle
Max Brooks
Martin Nowaki
Kate Spivey
Alison Brelsford
Members of the cast