The Company

"The Cat's Meow" by Steven Peros

19th – 22nd October 2016

American director Thomas H. Ince, on page 147 of Peter Milne, Motion Picture Directing; The Facts and Theories of the Newest Art

But I'm watching how ridiculous everyone else looks, and I wonder why they don't realize it. Then I see that in fact, I too look like a fool. Yet it's so much fun that none of us can stop. If we stopped, we'd have nothing.

The production will run 19th – 22nd October 2016 in the Drama Studio Glossop Road doors open at 7pm for a prompt 7.30pm start.

Based on the true story of a mysterious Hollywood death, the play follows a cross-section of Jazz era characters who gather for one notorious weekend on board William Randolph Hurst’s yacht in 1924.

Weekend guests include: Charlie Chaplin, who has been carrying on with movie star Marion Davies, a secret known to Davies’ paramour, the married - and much older - Hearst; and movie mogul Thomas Ince, who is hoping to revive his flagging fortunes by forming a partnership with Hearst. Playing with fire, Ince tries to convince Hearst that he can handle both Marion’s movie career and her private life as well.


Elinor Glyn
Alison Munro
George Thomas
Alisdair Low
Margaret Livingston
Suzie James
Thomas Ince
Josh Cheeseman
Marion Davies
Charlotte Creasey
Charlie Chaplin
Mark Vestey
Louella Parsons
Lauren de Boer
William Randolph Hearst
Ken Rowe
Dr Daniel Goodman
Martin Nowacki
Mrs Goodman
Carol Bell
DiDi Dawson
Emily Foster
Celia Moore
Jamie Morgan
Nell Ince
Monica Gallo