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Professional quality amateur dramatics in Sheffield.

Arcadia by Tom Stoppard

This amateur production of “Arcadia” is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.

About the show

Arcadia moves back and forth between 1809 and the present at the elegant estate owned by the Coverly family. The 1809 scenes reveal a household in transition. As the Arcadian landscape is being transformed into picturesque Gothic gardens, complete with a hermitage, thirteen year-old Lady Thomasina and her tutor delve into intellectual and romantic issues. Present day scenes depict the Coverly descendants and two competing scholars who are researching a possible scandal at the estate in 1809 involving Lord Byron. This brilliant play moves smoothly between the centuries and explores the nature of truth and time, the difference between classical and romantic temperaments, and the disruptive influence of sex on our life orbits the attraction Newton left out.


In descending order of size
Hannah ThomasFemale 30+
Blunt, intense scholar (present day character)
Bernard NightingaleMale 30+
Arrogant, mansplaining academic (present day character)
Septimus HodgeMale 25-45
Charming, witty tutor to Thomasina (1800s character)
Thomasina CloverlyFemale 13-16
Naïve genius daughter of the house (1800s character)
Valentine CloverlyAny gender 25+
Shy awkward (present day character)
Lady CroomFemale 30+
Clever, flirty mother of Thomasina (1800s character)
Chloë CloverlyFemale 18-25
Perceptive, intelligent middle child (present day character)
JellabyAny gender Any age
Nosy butler/housekeeper (1800s character)
Ezra ChaterMale 25-45
Bad poet and cuckold (1800s character)
Richard NoakesMale 30-50
Nervous landscape gardener (1800s character)
Captain Brice RNMale 35+
Rakish brother of Lady Croom (1800s character)
Gus/Augustus CloverlyAny gender 15-18
Sibling to Cloverlys in both 1800s and present day
A colourful feather in an ink pot. “Arcadia” by Tom Stoppard