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The Hollow by Agatha Christie

We are very much still hoping to do this show, but currently don't have a booking in a theatre. Please keep checking back to see if and when we can announce dates:

A complicated web of intrigues, affairs and unrequited loves amongst a distinguished family and their guests provides the rippling undercurrent of tension as they gather for the weekend at The Hollow.

Sir Henry and Lucy Angkatell have already provided a place for cousin Henrietta to sculpt, but then into the pot are thrown Dr. Cristow of Harley Street, a serial philanderer with whom Henrietta is having an affair, his wife Gerda, and the surprise arrival of his ex-fiancée Veronica. Also coming for the party are cousin Edward who yearns for Henrietta and Midge who dotes on Edward.

Adapted from her own book The Hollow contains some of Agatha Christie's finest characters and plotting, and a selection of twists and turns to lead even experienced amateur sleuths astray.

A photo from our archive
A photo from our archive