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Video Auditions

A guide on how to record auditions by video.

During the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions on leaving the house and meeting up we have to do auditions differently.

This is a quick guide on how to record yourself doing an audition piece. Below there are videos on recording yourself with iOS, Android, Windows 10, and MacOS devices

In general, no matter what technology you are using then

  • Find a quiet, well lit spot, to record. With the light source behind the camera, not you.
  • Find a way not to be holding the camera/phone so your hands are free, you can do the same with the script if you like.
  • Have the camera at head hight, as tightly framed on you as you can, allowing for any movement you plan to do.
  • We don't care if it is portrait or landscape, that is only really important if you are filming for television or YouTube. We even broke that rule deliberately for the videos about phones below as for monologuing portrait is probably better.
  • Treat the camera as the audience, if you are doing a monologue act to it, if you have one or more invisible other characters in the scene, do as you would in the theatre, act to them if it doesn't turn you from the audience, or past them if it would.
  • Take as many goes as you like, share them with friends for advice, but only submit one video for each of the pieces you have selected. The director will have said how many to do in their instructions.
  • If nothing else check that the sound levels are okay and you didn't wander out of shot. Don't worry about little "out of character" moments at the beginning and end as you work the camera, we're not auditioning for film editors.
  • With the other details you will have been given such as audition pieces, deadlines, submission web address, you should have been given the director's email address. If you are struggling use it.
  • If you think you may need an extension get in touch as early as you can there may well be things that can be done. But you must ask before the deadline.
  • Please don't make the video files to large, or too high quality, as much as we want to see you clearly we only have so much storage space to play with. Do a test video and see what it comes out as.

Help videos

iPhones and iPads†

† While iPads now have their own iPadOS, these instructions should still work. Please get in touch if it doesn't


Windows 10


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